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3 Dating Rules That Apply to Managing Prospects


You thought there was a connection. It seemed they really liked you – that they were genuinely interested in at least getting to know you better, and hey, seeing where it goes from there.

But then, you never hear from them again.

Sigh…Trying to attract and engage prospective patients with your practice, and eventually schedule an appointment, can seem very similar to dating. But just like pursuing a crush, any time you’re trying to turn something casual into something meaningful, there are some key rules to follow.

So, how does your practice get the first date.. er, appointment? We break down the latest rules of the patient love game:


1. Have a Complete Profile

Online dating has become hugely popular in recent years. Now a first impression happens well before two people meet. First, you typically have to “match” specific criteria that a person is looking for in order to even be considered.

Similarly, prospective patients are actively “searching” for practices on the web that meet their needs. They aren’t just typing in keywords like “Lasik surgery” as they used to. These days, refined searches like “best lasik near me” are on the rise – because, well, they don’t want to settle.

Of course, then when they hopefully find you, they’re going to start perusing your profile (in this case, the practice website). They’re going to want to see who your physicians and staff are, and what makes you different from all the other “fish in the sea.”

However, unlike dating, they are going to want to see all and hear about your past relationships, so be sure to include actual patient reviews.


2. Let’s Talk About “Ghosting”

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the term ghosting is “the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.”

Medical practices unintentionally yet frequently “ghost” prospects when they:

  • Allow the call to go to voicemail
  • Leave a prospect on hold
  • Fail to respond to a submitted website contact form
  • Neglect to follow up with a prospect over time

It’s never a good idea to ghost your prospects. Sure, they may go dark on you for a bit, but it’s important you’re there for them when they reach out. They may be shy, or checking out some other people, so if they aren’t ready for the first date (appointment) that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested. In those cases, a solid lead-nurturing plan with regular touchpoints, can let them know you still care.

In fact, results of that study showed OptiCall’s Capture program, which includes immediate response and a consistent follow-up process over time, booked 20% more appointments when compared to average practices.


3. Be Prepared to Answer the Tough Questions

Each staff member should be well equipped to answer the majority of questions asked by callers. They should not only know about the services you offer; but be able to navigate the conversation around pricing, what to expect during a consult, and why your practice is better than other practices in delivering those services.

Just as important as knowing this information is practicing it, so staff members come across knowledgeable, friendly, and confident on the phones.


Get Them to Love You

As consumer demand for a better experience continues to grow, practices must ensure they make the best first impression and nurture that relationship throughout the client experience.

Want to see how your practice performs from prospect to patient? Request a free practice assessment and we’ll provide you with custom insights to help attract, engage, and make new patients fall in love with you.

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