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Does your practice share a customer service mindset?

We know great customer service when we see it. Enthusiastic, proactive, and caring experiences with companies and individuals. They provide comforts we didn’t realize we wanted […]

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Inspect what you Expect from your practice

In every business three things are happening: What the business ownerwants to happen. What the business owner thinks is happening. What isactually happening. So, how do […]

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Achieving Your Practice Goals for 2013…

Now that we\’re firmly immensed in 2013, and the stress of the new year has begun to settle, it\’s time to take a realistic snapshot of […]

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News and Views by OptiCall, Inc.

What Our Clients Are Seeing Traditionally ophthalmology practices see lower profit numbers in the summer months, especially in the elective surgery area. Why? Disposable income is […]

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