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The Phone is Your Cash Register: How to Keep it Cha-Chinging!

Check out our educational webinar recording discussing the importance of proper phone call handling, and how it can affect your practice both positively and negatively. Presented […]

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OptiCall’s State of the Industry Address: 2014/15 Edition

Well it’s that time year again. Time to review all that was, is and will be for our industry. Some good, some bad, but all of […]

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The Gift of Giving

Cash vs Gift…Who Is Really King? The holidays are here, which means everyone’s in a gift-giving mood. But how come gifts are only relegated to a […]

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Value Of A Patient

If we only had more leads… Let’s all chant the mantra of the elective medical practice. “It’s not an in-office problem, it’s just getting them to […]

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