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How important is follow-up to your practice?

The Importance of Follow-Up “Congratulations, Captain Obvious.” That’s probably your first thought when I mention that timely follow-up* to leads is essential for conversion. Yes for […]

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Is Your Practice Consistently Consistent? Part II:

Is Your Practice Consistently Consistent? Part II: Last newsletter, we discussed the importance of establishing a routine that works for your practice, and sticking to it. […]

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Is your practice consistently consistent?

Lately it seems the topic of customer experience has been on everyone’s mind. This makes sense, considering the newfound influence of review sites, as well as […]

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Are You In Love With Your Customer Service?

Here at OptiCall, we drink the customer service Kool-Aid. We study it, preach it, live it. Heck, our entire company model is based around improving customer […]

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