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Who’s Winning the Client Experience Competition

The digital age has created a consumer who is not only used to getting what they want when they want it, but also one who has become sensitive to how they experience the purchasing process. With these growing expectations, companies are stepping up their game to better connect and engage. Here are the things they do differently to ensure they deliver an exceptional client experience throughout the customer journey.


They Make Their Business About the Customer

The airline industry is notorious for ranking the lowest on customer experience. While other airline companies are fighting to have the lowest price by offering next to nothing for passengers, Southwest has a reputation for hitting the ball out of the park when it comes to a passenger’s flying experience. In fact, they like to think of themselves as “a Customer Service company that happens to fly airplanes (on schedule, with personality and perks along the way).” There are countless stories about how they ensured customers were satisfied – whether it was helping someone who missed a flight, offering a complimentary beverage on board, or simply making the flight experience fun for all. Their employees are also a huge focus and staff is not only encouraged but rewarded when going above and beyond.

Practices can learn from Southwest’s example by making their focus about the customer and empowering employees to do the same.


They’re Consistent

We probably can all agree that Starbucks takes the cake on delivering a consistent experience. When you order your grande, iced, sugar-free, vanilla latte with soy milk at any Starbucks around the country, your expectation is that it’s going to taste just as delicious as the one you order in your hometown on your way to work. While any waitress would roll their eyes at a custom order, your Starbucks barista is ready to customize your drink any way you like. And if it doesn’t taste right, they’ll make you a new one – no questions asked.

What can we learn from Starbucks? It’s not about some people giving a good experience sometimes. It’s about the entire company committing to providing an exceptional experience every time. So when it comes to applying this to your practice, it’s important your staff is on board with consistently maximizing the patient experience at every touch point.  Watch our free webinar series to learn more.


They’re Accessible

Almost all the top providers of client service and experience are easily accessible by consumers in a variety of different ways. Consumers want the ability to interact through their computers, touch pads, and smart phones. They’re reaching out to businesses through social media, website contact forms and chat features, email, text, but most importantly, with a phone call.

Yet at time when most customer-focused businesses are increasing their availability with different communication methods and extending their client service hours, many medical practices struggle to answer every call and avoid putting patients on hold. When it comes to maximizing the experience, data shows phone calls are the hottest lead you can get. You can consider this a wake-up call for making the phones a priority.


They Take a Walk in their Clients’ Shoes

The TV show Undercover Boss is one of the best examples of how powerful it is when upper-management experiences their business first-hand. Bosses of various companies disguise themselves to get a feel for how their employees work, what their customers really think, and the various faults of the business – things they would never see or never hear about otherwise.

Our clients have found these kinds of insights from our free “mystery shop” practice assessments where they get insights on how patient calls are handled. A full report provides details on the areas the staff performed well and where there is room for improvement. Click here to learn more.


They Learn from the Others’ Mistakes

Want to know how other practices are handling the phones? Check out our Mystery Shop Webinar with OptiCall’s Bill Mercier and Dylan Kemna where we share actual mystery shops of medical practices! Learn what makes a call successful and what to avoid doing when managing the phones.

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