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New Data Confirms: 4 Requirements for Effective Lead Management


New data shows the one and done approach to lead follow-up is dead and gone.

We all know the power of effective lead management. Over the years, practice managers have learned a lot about seizing the opportunity of a new prospect that’s interested in their practice. However, new data is strengthening the case for effective lead management beyond the first response. First let’s review the two fundamental rules we all know:


Fundamental Rule #1: Never Miss a Lead

First and foremost, no lead – whether it’s a phone call or a web inquiry – should go without a response. OptiCall has been preaching this for years! So much so, it’s become our tagline for our flagship program, First Contact.

Yet it’s estimated 34% of phone calls made to a medical office go to voicemail, and of those only 37% actually leave a message. We did the math, and the estimated cost of those missed opportunities is significant.


Fundamental Rule #2: When You Follow Up Matters

We also have come to learn it’s not just about responding, but how quickly you respond. Consumers are increasingly making decisions in the moment, which makes “speed to lead” absolutely critical.

When it comes to the phones, survey data indicates one third of people said they’re simply unwilling to wait on the line, even for a second. About 27.6% said they would hold for 1 minute.

When it comes to online forms, data shows contact quality rates decrease by 10x after the first 5 minutes of a prospect submitting a form.

That means, unless it’s after business hours, prospects still expect an immediate response when they contact you online.

But it doesn’t just stop there.

New research data is pointing to two more fundamentals that are key to a comprehensive lead management process.

In analyzing data from over a dozen practice assessments, Opticall found:

  • Not one had a consistent process in place for response time or method.
  • An astonishing 33% did not have properly functioning forms or were not actively monitoring their submissions

In a separate study, OptiCall’s Capture web response program was compared to a generic system for follow-up during a period of 3 months.

Results of that study showed the Capture program:

  1. Reached 20% more patients
  2. Booked 20% more appointments

The reason for the success? Capture not only follows the first 2 rules by ensuring every lead is followed up on immediately, it factors in two other fundamental rules.


Fundamental Rule #3: How You Follow Up to Online Forms Matters

Communication methods differ between the phone and an online form. A phone call from a prospect is straightforward because the prospect is readily available to ask questions or book their appointment on the spot.

However, when a prospect submits a form on your website, it doesn’t necessarily mean they want you to reply via email. The forms on your website should include an area where patients can indicate their preferred method for follow-up, phone call or email, as well as convenient times they want to be contacted. Both pieces of information improve the chances you will connect with the prospect more efficiently.


Fundamental Rule #4: It’s Not just One and Done

Many practices are nailing the immediate follow-up, but lose traction if the prospect does not convert after the initial response.

The comparison study where Capture improved booking rates by 20% highlights the importance of staying connected to the prospect with multiple touchpoints. Consistent outreach with engaging content over a period of time can help you stay with the prospect until they are ready to book.

Now has never been a better time to develop an action plan to effectively manage inbound leads. With our Capture program, it’s also never been easier to implement quickly within your practice. To learn more, or to see how many more prospects you can capture, request a free lead conversion assessment.