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Since 2002, the focus and expertise of OptiCall, Inc. has been on the initial customer contact for medical practices who offer a variety of elective procedures, surgical and other.  We have always taken pride in our ability to deliver superior customer service on behalf of the practices who have partnered with us.

From the over 2 million elective surgery calls we have taken, we have developed a system that turns more calls into patients.  It is through our programs and services that practices nationwide are seeing an increase in business in relation to converting initial calls to consults, and those consults to procedures.

To survive in today’s business climate, practices are continually in pursuit of standing out from their competitors.  Too many practices today are advertising similar, ineffective messages such as:

  • Having the most experienced doctor(s).
  • Have the latest and best technology.
  • Offering various payment plan options.
  • Offering specials or discount programs.

While these campaign strategies are important and have been effective in the past, they are no longer enough to gain the competitive edge that is required in today’s elective surgery market. Prospective patients are challenged with differentiating one practice from the other. Ultimately, this forces the patient to start calling different practices in search of the one that “feels right” based on their first impression.  For the patient, the initial contact experience is crucial.  Within the first 30 seconds of their initial phone call, a patient will make the important decision of whether to proceed with your practice, or to look elsewhere.  A recent survey completed by America Network reported an astounding 65% of patients did not book surgery with the first practice they contacted due to poor customer service.

The greatest opportunity for you to capitalize on the leads you are generating and to set your practice aside from other practice’s, is to provide the ultimate customer service experience for your potential future patients.

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