Capture™ – Opticall’s Web Lead Response Program


How it Works

In today’s digital age, consumers expect the ability to connect with businesses anytime, anywhere. While phone calls remain a preferred mode of communication, many prospects initially reach out by filling out a form on your website. However, the challenge for many practices lies in the lack of a consistent or timely process for following up on online leads. This results in wasted marketing and advertising spend, along with numerous missed opportunities to convert prospects into patients.

To address this need, we’ve expanded our patient experience services to include Capture – a personalized outreach program that systematically follows up with prospective patients who submit online requests for information or appointment bookings. Our dedicated team handles every web response and follows up based on the prospect’s preferred method of contact, be it email or phone call. This ensures seamless and personalized communication from your practice, freeing up your staff to focus on delivering the best patient experience in-office.

Benefits of Capture:


  • Rapid response to online form submissions.

  • Personalized communication based on how the prospect prefers to be contacted.

  • Never miss a lead – our team is ensures every lead is contacted with the goal of helping the prospect make an appointment.

  • Complete reporting on all follow-up activities.

  • Practice staff is available to focus on maximizing the patient experience in the office.

Is Capture Right for Your Practice?

The best way to determine if Capture is suitable for your practice is to request a free lead response assessment. We’ll evaluate how many leads are either contacted too late or not followed up on, providing insights into the impact on your practice’s bottom line. Complete the form below to request your free Capture assessment:

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