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The Refractive Resurrection: Marketing Experts Share Growth Strategies through COVID-19





Getting Back to Growth Strategies for Re-Opening Aesthetics Plastic Surgery







How to Manage Digital Leads to Maximize Marketing ROI

Get proven strategies for:

  • Establishing and implementing a digital marketing strategy
  • Developing a consistent and rapid response process for web leads
  • Developing a plan for those who do not initially convert.




Mystery Shop Medical Practice

  • Listen to actual recordings from our practice assessments
  • Find out what makes a successful phone call and what mistakes to avoid






The Importance of Consistency

  • Learn how to develop clear, consistent messaging
  • Hear actual audio clips with insights on best practices for communicating your message
  • Q & A session






Building an Effective Phone Plan

  • Hear example phone calls from other practices to reveal the do’s and don’ts of call handling
  • Understand logical progression of an effective call to help convert more calls to consults
  • Q & A session






 Building Rapport

  • Hear actual phone calls from other practices
  • Learn best practices for quickly establishing rapport
  • Understand the importance of asking exploratory questions and active listening





 Capturing the Patient

  • How to ensure you capture every lead
  • Obtaining the right information from patients
  • Tracking and reporting information to measure results

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