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Boomerang Testimonials

“OptiCall’s Boomerang program has been awesome. It has helped us re-engage over 100 patients that we would have not reached out to before because we don’t have the manpower… their price is perfect.”

– Houston Landry, Practice Administrator

“We have a large, multi-office practice. OptiCall has probably been the single biggest change in the last 10 years… for mining our patients and reminding our patients.”

– Jeffrey Whitman, MD, Key-Whitman Eye Center

“I’ve worked with OptiCall since 2013. We’re extremely pleased with not only the results, but more importantly, who OptiCall is. We trust them.”

– Connie, Loden Vision

“OptiCall clicks right into our software and works in tandem with everything we do.”

– Anish Kapur, M.D., VP of Enterprise Solutions, Eye Care Leaders


“We have been working with Opticall since 2010… The thing I’ve loved about Opticall is they always do the right thing by their customers and they do quality work. People get amazing results!”

– Steve Gottfredson, VP Sales & Marketing, Brevium


“We have been able to add over $100,000 year in revenue with [Boomerang powered by Brevium]. It’s a massive 6-figure number for us. Getting these patients back in the door for their follow-up visits for glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataract re-evals with all of our optometrists and ophthalmologists is key to keeping that schedule full.”

– Jim Loden, Nashville Cataract Surgery



“The recall systems today do not help recapture lost patients. Only OptiCall can turn 60 patients a month into over $200k a year. I’d recommend it to anybody looking to increase their revenue and net income.”

– Don Sanders, President, Integrated Medical Management Solutions


“Overall OptiCall has given us the tools necessary to take our practice to the next level.”

– Tracy Kenniff, Practice Administrator,  Eye & LASIK Center

“We are a small practice and Boomerang has helped us add to our staff. We have virtual receptionists that are extremely cost-effective and accurate”

– Laurie Brown, Drs Fine, Hoffman & Sims, LLC


“Our schedules have stayed consistently full… First Contact and Boomerang, we can’t say enough great things about them.”

– Lauren Dunford, Collins Vision



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