Case Study: Optimizing a Web Response Program

New research data is pointing to two more fundamentals that are key to a comprehensive lead management process.

In analyzing data from over a dozen practice assessments, Opticall found:

  • Not one had a consistent process in place for response time or method.
  • An astonishing 33% did not have properly functioning forms or were not actively monitoring their submissions.

In a separate study, OptiCall’s Capture web response program was compared to a generic system for follow-up.

After three months, the Capture program showed significantly improved performance in two key areas:

  • 18% Improvement in Reach – This was due to counselors following up with prospects according to their preferred contact method – call, text, or email.
  • 20% Increase in Bookings – This can be attributed to a rapid follow-up immediately after the submission, as well as a consistent follow-up process over time with multiple touchpoints.

The data shows, now has never been a better time to develop an action plan to effectively manage inbound leads. With our HIPAA-compliant Capture program, it has never been easier to implement an action plan to effectively manage your inbound leads without overextending your in-house resources. To learn more, or to see how many prospects you can capture, request a free lead conversion assessment.

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