How Effective is Your Practice at Managing Leads?

Our complimentary Lead Conversion Assessment provides a thorough evaluation of your practice’s lead management strategies through recorded calls and web form responses, offering valuable insights into the new patient experience.

At OptiCall, we understand the importance of continuously evaluating and refining your lead management processes.  During this assessment, we focus on several critical areas:

  • Systemic Issues: Evaluating factors such as wait times, call answer rates versus voicemail usage, and the frequency of holds or transfers experienced by callers.

    Proper Greeting: Assessing the initial greeting to establish your brand and foster rapport with callers.

    Demeanor: Examining the demeanor of staff members to ensure they positively contribute to the caller’s experience.

    Information Delivery: Gauging the staff’s knowledge and ability to provide pertinent information promptly and without overwhelming the caller.

    Efficiency: Evaluating the professionalism and efficiency of staff members in managing calls and steering conversations effectively.

    Outcomes: Analyzing the efforts made by staff to convert calls into consultations and capture caller information for future follow-up.

    Response Time: Recognizing the importance of timely responses, particularly within the critical 60-minute window identified by MIT for lead conversion.

    Consistency: Examining your practice’s consistency in reaching out to leads, whether through calls, emails, or both, and ensuring uniformity in communication efforts.

Allow us to assist you in enhancing your practice’s lead management strategies and elevating the new patient experience. Schedule your complimentary Lead Conversion Assessment today!

*One complimentary assessment can be requested per practice. Applies to elective medical practices in the U.S. and Canada only.

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