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Free Practice Assessment

How Effective is Your Practice at Managing Leads?

The typical mystery shopper asks a barrage of questions attempting to test the knowledge of the staff member. While this may seem like a good way to test your staff’s ability to take a phone call, asking obscurely detailed questions is not indicative of the real patient experience.

In contrast, our goal is to assess the level of customer service that staff members provide; their ability to create rapport, and to properly educate the caller while enticing them to visit the practice.

Several points on interested marked throughout the call include the following:

Systemic Issues. How long is the wait time, if any, before the caller is helped? How many calls are answered vs. going into voicemail? The number of holds and or transfers a caller experiences before being helped.

Proper greeting. A proper greeting helps to establish brand name right away and helps to build rapport when the staff member introduces themselves.

Demeanor. The staff member’s demeanor is important as it can make or break the “sale”

Information Delivery. Is the staff member knowledgeable or do they need to place the caller on hold to obtain information. Is the counselor vague or do they overload the caller with information?

Efficiency. Is the counselor efficient and professional? Are they able to control and develop the call into a conversation but without wasting time?

Outcomes. Are the staff members making the proper effort to convert calls to consultations? Are they allowing callers off the phone without attempting to capture their information for future follow-up?

At OptiCall, we have several mystery shop programs that will allow you to “inspect what you expect”. Let us perform a complimentary one-time “mini-mystery shop”* on your practice and we’ll give you an idea of the detailed reports that you can expect.

*One complimentary assessment can be requested per practice. Applies to elective medical practices in the U.S. and Canada only.