OptiCall provides an affordable, stress-free lead management alternative to staffing in-house.

Perception vs. Reality


63% of providers feel they are delivering a great patient experience.


75% of frequent healthcare consumers are frustrated with their patient experience!


A common challenge faced by many practices is striking the right balance in staffing to manage patient leads effectively. Often, staff are tasked with juggling multiple responsibilities, from answering phones and emails to conducting patient consultations, leading to distractions, lack of consistency, and missed opportunities.

Additionally, staff turnover, sick days, and vacations can further exacerbate the challenge of maintaining consistent phone coverage, turning the telephone into a distraction rather than an opportunity.

Practice Pain-Points:

  • Wrong people answering phones
  • Poor training or no training at all
  • No defined process
  • No on-going training or quality control
  • Multi-tasking
  • High turnover
  • Lack of ability to communicate with on different channels (e.g. email & text message)

OptiCall’s Solutions:

  • Dedicated staff – medical specialists with their own accountability and with low turnover
  • Consistent ongoing training
  • Defined lead management process protocol
  • Timely follow-up – your leads will be contacted ASAP​
  • Guaranteed availability – including evenings and weekends
  • Peace of mind – know your leads are covered across all channels (phone, email, text)


FIRST CONTACT – Inbound elective call handling

  OptiCall’s phone counselors function as an integral part of your team, going beyond mere call answering to assist potential patients in taking the crucial next step of scheduling an elective consultation. Our service provides your practice with detailed reporting and lead contact information, regardless of whether appointments are booked, facilitating further marketing efforts.

  The primary advantage of First Contact is its ability to enhance patient conversion rates by leveraging the expertise of OptiCall’s trained phone staff to address patient inquiries and prioritize appointment scheduling.

  The initial setup cost is $1750, with monthly pricing ranging from $2351 to $3919 depending on the days and times when calls are managed, along with a variable minutes usage charge.

  Expected launch date is typically 4 – 6 weeks, contingent upon the practice’s response time.

The Impact: 

  • OptiCall’s phone counselors serve as an extension of your staff 
  • Skilled counselors trained to convert more patient phone calls to consults
  • Help prospective patients take that critical next step of booking a consultation  
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Contact information from leads, regardless of whether they book or not, for further marketing follow-up
  • 20% higher conversion rate for booked consultations

CAPTURE – Digital lead response program

  Capture is a tailored outreach initiative designed to systematically engage with potential patients who express interest or submit inquiries through website forms.

  The primary advantage of Capture lies in its ability to boost conversion rates from web inquiries to in-office consultations by ensuring prompt responses and maintaining multiple communication touchpoints.

  The setup cost for Capture is $1750

  Subsequently, the monthly price of $995/month, plus an additional $15 per patient with whom we communicate. This pricing covers multiple touchpoints through texts, phone calls, and emails.

  Expected launch date is typically 4 – 6 weeks, contingent upon the practice’s response time

    The Impact:

    • 50% decrease in booking if reached outside of 1 hour
    • 58% of consumers have tried to reply with a text message after missing a call from a business
    • Consumers are 4 times more likely to respond to a text message then call back to a voicemail
    • Consistent available follow-up = 20% higher conversion rate for web leads to booked consultations

    Capture’s key benefit is to convert more web inquiries to in-office consultations through 

    • Speedy response times
    • Multiple touch points 
    • A consistent process

    BOOMERANG –Patient reactivation program

      Boomerang simplifies patient retention and reactivation by promptly identifying individuals in your practice management system who require follow-up appointments. OptiCall’s proficient team of phone counselors engage directly with inactive patients, scheduling their appointments directly into your practice management system.

      The primary advantage of Boomerang is its capacity to assist practices in revenue generation by utilizing their current patient database effectively.

      The setup cost for Boomerang is $1000*.

      Subsequently, the monthly pricing starts at $399/month* plus an additional $33 per booked patient.

      Expected launch date is typically 4 – 6 weeks, contingent upon the practice’s response time.

    • The Impact:
    • Boosted client revenue 15-20% above industry standards.
    • Powered by Brevium to mine a practices data base  
    • Makes patient retention and reactivation easy by identifying patients in a practice management system who are due or overdue for a follow up appointment
    • Decide which medical conditions to follow and set intervals of care
    • Select which schedules to fill
    • Schedule directly into your practice management system
    • Easy-to-use reporting that tracks ROI from first usage
    • OptiCall counselors make live outbound calls
    • On average 1000% return on your investment


      Why OptiCall?

      • 20 years experience
      • Leading provider in elective medical phone services
      • Work with 130+ practices, over 1000 doctors across the country
      • We maximize the customer experience
      • Comprehensive contact center
      • Since 2002, we have handled millions of phone calls and web leads

      Let OptiCall be the extension of your team, ensuring that every call is answered promptly and professionally, maximizing your practice’s potential.




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