ACE Training


Shhhhh, they\’re reviewing your performance.  Listening, judging…

“ACE” (Actual Consumer Experience)
“This call may be recorded for quality assurance”

Have we become numb to hearing this recorded message when calling various companies? We all expect good customer service.  Hearing this message may make one feel as if this is a company that really does care. Or do they?  How many times have we heard this message, and yet our experience on the phone was less than dazzling? We had to repeat our story multiple times, we are transferred multiple times, put on hold, put to a voice mail, and the list goes on.

Fact:  Customer service will make or break your business.  Research has shown that 45% of patients that did not book a procedure with the first practice they inquired at attributed their decision to poor customer service.

Knowing how we come across to our customers/patients over the phone is vital. This is our opportunity to provide a first impression that stands out from your competition and is the stepping stone for creating customers/patients for life.

For many finding the time to manage phone staff, coach or train them and monitor recorded calls for quality assurance is very challenging and more often never happens. Instead we find ourselves consumed with extinguishing fires rather than preventing them.

Our philosophy is, if the customer/patient is managed properly the first time, conversion rates will increase and the need for follow up will decrease.

With our ACE program (Actual Consumer Experience); your actual customer/patient calls are reviewed for quality assurance by our highly trained counselors.

  • Benefit from our experience in handling over 1.5 million calls.
  • Initial on-site coaching and program guidance is provided.
  • Weekly or monthly reports are provided to highlight areas of opportunity and improvement.
  • Ongoing monitoring and coaching to ensure continued improvement.
  • Turn more telephone inquiries to customers/patients.
  • Improvement seen typically with in the first 60 days of the program.

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