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Yep, when you IM on a website you really are talking to a live person!

OptiChat™ – Live Website Messaging

OptiChat is our live website concierge service.  OptiCall has specialized in converting elective medical phone leads since 2002.  Due to demand from our current customers, OptiCall has launched our OptiChat service that specializes in converting elective medical web inquiries.

OptiChat Benefits for your Practice:

  • Postive ROI from increase in converted consultations and surgeries
  • Increased patient communication:  not everyone is ready to make a call or in a position to speak openly about interest in and elective medical procedure
  • Conversions and analytics:  OptiChats helps track marketing efforts, especially internet driven campaigns
  • Consistent Patient Experience:  OptiCall’s Logical Progression approach to converting leads ensures that your prospective patients will get a consistent experience
  • Elective Medical Specialist:  OptiCall specializes in the Elective Medical Industry
  • Extended Hours of Coverage:  OptiChat is available from 8:30 am EST to 10:00 pm Mon – Fri and noon to 6:00 pm Sat & Sun
  • Fixed Rates:  OptiChat pricing is based on your monthly web visitor traffic
  • Customer Service Mindset:  Great customer service is our top priority at OptiCall!  Profit sharing, company culture, quality control, and on going training ensures excellent customer service from everyone on the OptiCall team.


Unlike other online chat services, we don’t charge per chat session or per appointment.  We’re dedicated to providing the same service to every patient we communicate with, and are fully in vested in ensuring their questions get answered and they are satisfied with their experience.  Our fixed-rate pricing is based on the the amount of web traffic your site currently generates, and starts as low as  $350 per month.