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OptiTrak Phone Scripting Software


OptiTrak™ Cloud-Based Phone Scripting and Tracking Software 

OptiTRAK™ is OptiCall’s custom web-based patient phone program, which is revolutionizing industry standards for patient call handling and data collection. The software ensures consistent patient phone handling on every call. Monitor staff performance on the phone, scripting, scheduling, run marketing and more from any device online – OptiTrak™ has all the functionality built in to even replace your existing CRM program.

Designed specifically for the elective medical procedure industry, providing consistent, correct delivery and capture of patient information on every call:

  • Increased lead conversions to consultations in both phone calls and follow ups
  • Introduce consistency into every conversation
  • All phone calls are documented
  • Never miss an in-call sales opportunity  – capturing lead info, asking for appointment, having a backup offer ready….etc
  • Expedite training and provide new employees faster ramp-up
  • Instantly calculate cost per lead, ROI, potential revenue, individual counselor performance and much more.
  • Custom creation of your scheduling calendar.
  • No additional hardware or software required.

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