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Staff Testimonials

“My favorite part about this job is the teamwork. We’ve grown together, we learn together and I think we do an amazing job.”

– Alfredo, Implementation Specialist


“I started working for OptiCall back in 2003. What I love about OptiCall is our great leader, Bill. He has a true passion for what we do for our practices… I also love the people who we work with. It’s a pleasure to come to work every day. It’s our second family.”

– Michelle, Chief Operating Officer


“I love working for this company. We are like a great big family.”

– Wendy, Practice Liaison/ Liaison Supervisor


“When I started this job I remember being inspired by the vision for this company…I’ve loved having the opportunity to fulfill the mission for the company, and even surpass it. It’s been a really exciting past 10 years.

– Bert, Director of Planning & Development

“My favorite thing about working here is the environment. It’s relaxing but still allows you to be creative in helping our clients provide services.”

– Jasmine, Practice Liaison


“I’ve been with OptiCall since 2009. It’s the best company I’ve every worked with.”

– Dylan, VP Sales & Marketing