“OptiCall’s commitment to excellence and the things they have done for our practice is unparalleled. I wholeheartedly recommend OptiCall.”

– Chuck Wiliamson, MD, Williamson Eye Center

“These can be challenging times with a shortage of staff, but patients always come first. Having OptiCall on board to answer calls and make appointments goes a long way.”

– Cynthia Matossian, MD, Matossian Eye Associates

“We spend a fair amount of money on marketing, it’s the lifeblood of our practice.  Opticall has been a very important partner in ensuring the leads we generate turn into appointments.”

– Christian Monea, CEO, King LASIK and K2 Vision

“I love working with OptiCall because of the consistency of staff training, availability of staff to take calls, and their responsiveness to practice needs.”

– Megan, Alaska Lasik & Cataract Center

“OptiCall has some of the most efficient people we’ve ever worked with. I couldn’t imagine doing my job without them.”

– James, Fishkind, Bakewell, Maltzman, Hunter & Eye Care & Surgery Center

“The talent of the people on the phones are what we love about OptiCall. We’re trying to sell a premium product with refractive surgeries and it’s a very competitive market. OptiCall gives us a professional edge.”

– Brian Hogan, Price Vision Group

“OptiCall is #1 at getting things done and increasing revenue by answering phones.”

– Michelle M.

“We’ve worked with OptiCall since 2003. They are AMAZING!”

– Robyn, ClearSight

“OptiCall can convert inquiries to consults better than almost any practice…use them, love them, and see the results.”

– Jonathan Bryant, SiteStaff

“I love working with OptiCall because I know their service is reliable and they’re taking great care of our patients… When our counselors are doing consults, we know they are working hard to bring new leads in the door.”

– Amber Perkins, Williamson Eye Center

“OptiCall has been one of our partner for years … they do a PHENOMENAL job and I would NOT recommend any other call center because they empathetically engage people on the phone and they turn people into paying clients.”

– Ashley, SiteStaff

“I love that they function as an extension of my practice. There’s a seamlessness to when they pick up the phone. The caller doesn’t know it’s not someone at my practice, it’s just someone giving them great customer service.”

– Ben Duffy, Whitsett Vision Group

“Best decision we ever made. They’re the warm connection that gets my patients to me.”

– Misty, West Georgia Eye Care Center

“I’ve worked with OptiCall since 2013. We’re extremely pleased with not only the results, but more importantly, who OptiCall is. We trust them.”

– Connie, Loden Vision

“I’ve found them to be honest. They offer a good product. I continue to refer them out to many of our clients.”

– Bill Fukui, Director of Sales/Marketing Page1Solutions

“You cannot have a better call service partner team than OptiCall.”

– Michael Malley, President & Founder CRM Group

“What a great company. They’ve been excellent to work with. Their customer service has been tremendous.”

– David Bragg, President Ziemer USA & Canada

“We’ve been working with OptiCall since 2005…They’ve done great things for our customers. We do a lot of lead generation and OptiCall has been wonderful at answering calls from leads generated by landing pages and paid search. They do a great job making sure our practices have enough consultations so that at the end of the month, there’s enough surgeries.”

– Michael Dobkowski, Glacial Multimedia

“It’s been a great service and a huge addition to my practice.”

– Constantino Mendieta, MD, FACS 4 Beauty Aesthetics Institute

“OptiCall has been a great asset to Loden Vision Centers…You pay a lot for your leads with your marketing and advertising. The worst thing you can do is drop your phone calls and not get those patients through the door. “

– Jim Loden, Nashville Cataract Surgery

“I’ve worked with OptiCall…since 2002 in a practice setting and corporate setting and also in aesthetics and ophthalmology. I have to say if you’re thinking about it, give it a try… you’ll know your phone is getting answered by someone professional who knows your business.”

– Linley Law

“It feels like OptiCall is in every OrangeTwist center… The reps are friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, they know our services ‘in and out’ and they are very attentive to client needs…We love working with them and highly recommend them.”

– Jennifer, OrangeTwist

“It’s like having an employee that’s never sick. You don’t have to pay payroll tax. And they don’t take a day off…It’s made a huge difference for my clients and is one of the most important things for a practice.”

– John Austin

“I cannot live without it.”

– Donna Childs, Richens Eye Center

“Our schedules have stayed consistently full… First Contact and Boomerang, we can’t say enough great things about them.”

– Lauren Dunford, Collins Vision

“We love OptiCall. We’ve been using them for over a dozen years now. Couldn’t live without them.

– Dan Wilson, ClearSight

“We’ve had a great experience for over 8 years with OptiCall. The reason we decided to hire OptiCall was because of the consistency in the professional message that I knew our clients and patients were always going to get from them.”

– Rachel Dunn, Marketing Director at Williamson Eye Center

“We are really happy with the results. I think it provides a fantastic benefit to our practice and our clients.”

– Logan, Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery

“We’ve been using OptiCall for 10 years. It’s so easy. I love that we don’t have to worry about our staff trying to answer all of our phone calls; that we have designated people to answer all of our calls. It’s the one thing in our practice that we never have to worry about.”

– Katie Meeks, Practice Manager at Kameen Eye Associates

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