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Ophthalmology Call Center

Since 2002,  OptiCall’s focus is on the improvement of the call handling process for medical practices.  Our industry experience includes, but is not limited to, Ophthalmology, Plastic, Cosmetic and Aesthetic procedures. The objective is to help the practice turn prospects into patients by using proprietary systems that ensure this is done in an exceptional way. As a result, our conversion rates are consistently 15-25% above industry standards.

Our services include:

    • First Contact™ phone answering programs:   Our flagship program, OptiCall functions as an extension of your staff, answering your patient calls for the practice as a seamless integration. From the patient’s perspective, we are simply part of your office team.  We provide your staff with monthly reports on calls, conversions to consult and surgeries. Also, available are specialized reports to tie in calls and surgeries to specific marketing programs. Further, we maintain a customer database for the accounts that can become useful for follow up or future marketing programs. All calls are recorded for quality control purposes and for future reference.
      • OptiTrak™ cloud-based tracking software:  All First Contact customers get access to OptiCall’s custom web-based patient phone program, which ensures consistent patient call handling on every call.  Monitor performance, scheduling, run marketing and more from any device online – OptiTrak™ has all the functionality built in to even replace your existing CRM program.
    • A.C.E.™ phone training programs:  OptiCall’s A.C.E.™ program (Actual Consumer Experience) reviews a practice’s current phone handling process, and provides training to your staff to use and implement our system as they take patient calls.  We provide quality control reports on these calls for reward or remedial action by the account.  All calls are recorded as well.
    • BoomerangTM – (Patient Recovery Program):  BoomerangTM identifies patients in your practice management system that are due or overdue for appointments.  Our highly qualified team of phone counselors personally calls your inactive patients and schedules them directly into your practice management system.
    • OptiChat: OptiChat is our live website concierge service.  OptiCall has specialized in converting elective medical phone leads since 2002.  Due to demand from our current customers, OptiCall has launched our OptiChat service that specializes in converting elective medical web inquiries.


With all of our programs, we are able to reduce lost leads and increase business by turning more prospects into patients. With current economic times capturing each lead and improving efficiency in the conversion of these leads to patients can help our practices reduce the impact the economy has had on elective surgery.