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A lack of engagement continues to be a problem in the workplace and unfortunately medical practices aren\’t immune. But while many are feeling a sense of complacency from their staff, there are organizations that have actually seen dramatic increases in engagement.

Here are 4 things employers are doing to successfully boost engagement:


1. They Make Employee Well-Being a Priority

It\’s no secret that valuing staff has always been key in building a solid culture that attracts and retains employees. But according to a Gallup report, current engagement is significantly higher for organizations that focus on culture and well-being.

Employees are putting greater emphasis on how companies are considering their general well-being beyond work to include their overall mental health, stress level, and work-life balance.


2. They\’re Willing to Be Flexible

Many of OptiCall\’s team members were part of our remote workforce. But the transition was hard for medical practices that have 100% of staff on site. The ability to quickly make infrastructure and technology work to keep business afloat was a major effort and many thought it would be temporary.

But employees have come to depend on some flexibility, and as it turns out, it\’s benefiting businesses more than ever. Hybrid and remote workers are more engaged than on-site workers (Source: Gallup).


3. They Recognize Employees Often

Recognition is a top driver for employee engagement and it comes in many forms. A key point: it doesn\’t always have to be in the form of compensation! Here are a few ideas to ingrain recognition as part of your culture:

  • Say \”thank you\”. It\’s simple but it can go a long way.
  • Regularly praise great work – whether it\’s face to face or in an email. Be specific in how an employee demonstrated great work and include management and other staff to amplify.
  • Encourage peer-to-peer recognition – whether that\’s with team nominations or just taking a few moments in a weekly meeting.
  • Make it personal. A cash reward or a gift certificate is great. But employees could be rewarded in other ways, such as half days or time off.
  • Celebrate their milestones. OptiCall makes it a point to celebrate work anniversaries and even birthdays.

These are just a few examples, but implementing even one of these on a regular basis will undoubtedly improve culture and morale over time.


4. They Know Compensation Matters

It\’s an employee market where there are more jobs than employees willing to fill them. Employees know they are in demand and they\’re asking for perks and more money. Practices need to be evaluating what they are offering current employees to ensure it\’s competitive with the market. Are they paying employees the going rate (or more)? Are they providing opportunities for development and advancement within the company?


But what if you\’re still struggling with engagement

While these seem easy, it can be hard to implement given the pressure of rebuilding your practice. That\’s why OptiCall can serve as an extension of your practice with trained subject matter experts that can manage inbound calls and website leads with a focus on:

  1. Delivering the best first impression
  2. Maximizing the patient experience
  3. And converting more prospects to consults

Let us show you how we can help your practice. Request a free practice assessment by completing the form below:

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