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Perception vs. Reality: Measuring Success by Identifying Weaknesses

  Practice managers typically battle three things: What the business owner wants to happen. What the business owner thinks is happening. What is actually happening. Perception […]

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The State of Hiring in Elective Medical

  One of our recent articles discussed a recent surge in elective medical volume – with inbound web lead and call volume is up 18% in […]

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3 Signs a Surge in Elective Medical is on the Horizon

New data shows elective medical lead volume is up 18%. Could a surge in elective medical be on the horizon?   New OptiCall data shows inbound […]

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95% of Your Prospects Aren’t Ready to Buy

  Many practices believe they are vying for patient’s attention among competitors, and they are. But what constitutes a competitor? It’s not just the other medical […]

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