You and your employees may be taking some well-deserved time off.
But how is that impacting managing patients?

Summer should be all about relaxing, taking a break, and unwinding. Especially considering that people are just coming out of two years of a pandemic.

But with a medical practice that\’s also just re-adjusting and re-building, it can be tough on business when people start taking time off.

OptiCall can function as an extension of your staff that’s flexible around your needs. The best part? We can grow your business while you and your staff are spending some much needed time away to relax and refresh.

So whatever your plans, here are 4 ways we’ve got you covered:

1. Inbound Calls from Prospects
Our flagship program, First Contact™ functions as an extension of your staff to book appointments from interested prospects when your office is too busy, or on evenings, weekends and holidays when the office is closed.

Our phone specialists are trained to know the ins and outs of your practice and provide an excellent patient experience. You and your staff can vacation worry-free knowing your phones are covered are covered by experts who are proven to convert more patient leads to booked appointments than the average practice.

2. Inbound Web Responses

Capture Inbound Web Response program manages leads coming from online forms on your website.

Our staff contacts the prospect quickly after they submit a form to ensure they “capture” (see what we did there?) leads at the time they are most ready to take action and secure an appointment. But a key benefit of the Capture program –  if they don\’t book right away, we put them on a multi-touch nurture series to keep them interested so they are more likely to consider booking in the future.

3. Getting Patients Back in for Follow-Up Appointments
Summer doesn’t have to be a slow season. Our Boomerang patient reactivation program, powered by Brevium, is designed to systematically schedule patient follow-up appointments that office staff often can\’t get to with their busy schedules.  We identify patients in your practice management system that are due or overdue for appointments.  Our highly qualified team of phone counselors then personally contacts those inactive patients to schedule their next appointment. It\’s the \”no-brainer\” for medical practices who want to book more appointments without lifting a finger.

4. Free Practice Assessment
Sometimes the best thing to do for your practice is just to get an initial idea of performance. Most practices simply aren’t aware of where they fall short on capturing new patients. Sign-up to get our FREE phone assessment before your vacation and we\’ll provide you with valuable insights, customized to your practice needs when you get back.

We want you to have the best summer and grow your business. With OptiCall, it’s possible. Our clients see an average of 15-25% increase in revenue, and have peace of mind knowing we’ve got them covered.