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Are You In Love With Your Customer Service?

Here at OptiCall, we drink the customer service Kool-Aid. We study it, preach it, live it. Heck, our entire company model is based around improving customer […]

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OptiCall Testimonial from Tracy Kenniff (Practice Administrator of Eye and Lasik Center)

Tracy Kenniff is the Practice Administrator of Eye and Lasik Center in Greenfield, MA. She shares her experience with OptiCall at the 2013 AAO meeting in […]

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2013 – From OptiCall’s Perspective

2013 – From Our Perspective At OptiCall, we have access to one of the most high-volume, non-biased insight windows into the state of the elective medical […]

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Your Practice Year in Review

While the year draws to a close, there is no better time to begin planning again. This usually means analyzing your practice, reviewing your market situation, […]

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