• A great stepping stone in evaluating your practice needs is to start with our Mystery Shop service. Our Mystery Shop is an objective view of your business through the eyes of the customer.

  • Logical progression has been developed through our experience in managing over 1.5 million patient calls. We have developed a call flow system that helps guide the counselor through a patient telephone call inquiry.

  • We all expect good customer service however hearing this message may make one feel here is a company that really does care, or do they? How many times have we heard this message and yet our experience on the phone was less than dazzling?

  • "We are either assisting other patients, out to lunch or you are calling after hours..." An existing patient calling your office and hearing this message is likely to stay on hold or leave a message. However, a new prospective patient calling your practice for the first time and hearing this message...

  • A recent survey from Market Scope reported only 54% of practices are effectively tracking their leads/patients. We cannot know where we are going if we don't know where we have been.

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Optimizing The Consumer Experience

Opticall provides elective medical practices with the means to enhance their internal call handling processes. But we're more than just a call center. We are a customized solutions center. As a company, we have one goal - increase your practices' bottom line. How do we do that? By providing you with the tools and service necessary to capture more leads, increase conversions, and close more sales. Do you need our help? Maybe, maybe not. But there's only one way to "find out".

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