2013 – From Our Perspective

At OptiCall, we have access to one of the most high-volume, non-biased insight windows into the state of the elective medical industry:

100,000 elective medical phone calls… in 2013 alone.

The information we gather from our collective handling of these calls provides us with great insight into both the trends and temperature of the industry. Normally, we utilize this information as feedback for clients, and to better train our employees so we can continue to provide the highest level of educated customer service.

But this year we want to enhance our client relations, so we thought we\’d take this opportunity to share with everyone some key metrics that we find interesting, and ways to apply this knowledge to help advance your practice.

Now we don\’t have nearly enough space in the email to cover all the information, so those curious can click the link at the bottom to explore in detail. A couple tidbits:

  • 44% of all new appointments came from word of mouth referrals. How does your practice compare?
  • One online review site generated 4x as many new patient inquiries than Facebook. Can you guess which one?

  • The number of new leads generated from Radio Advertising was greater than that of TV, Print, Billboards and Event Marketing… combined.

To protect our clients\’ interests, and to protect everyone else from analysis paralysis, for this particular newsletter we\’re simply going to focus on lead generation data points.

Hopefully you\’ll find the informaton useful, or at least a mildly interesting way to analyze the effectiveness of your efforts compared to what we would deem the industry standard.

Click Here to read the entire report.