10 Simple Steps For Turning Your Website Views Into Patients:

1. Simpler is better. In today\’s over-stimulated world, competing for attention is almost impossible. To communicate more effectively, get to your point faster. Why take 20 words to say something you can in 7? This will also help make your message clearer and more precise!

2. Clarity is king. Along with #1, it\’s all about cutting through the clutter. Don\’t hide behind platitudes and promises. Tell people the facts, explain your advantages, and even consider (gasp!) sharing your price. You\’ll be surprised at how receptive people will be.

3. Structured navigation. Yes, google loves content. A 100 page site is much better than 10. But you should never have all your links right on the homepage in a disorganized mess, even if they are in dropdowns. Organize your website pages into specific categories around concepts like \’service\’ \’price\’ or \’technology.\’ Pair down the links on the homepage to let them start digesting information on your site easily.

4. Consistent contact. It sounds simple, and it is. Put a contact callout on every page. On your homepage and your secondary pages. When it\’s there for everyone to see, people will use it. That being said…

5. Don\’t waste my time. I shouldn\’t have to give you my date of birth or name of my great aunt\’s grade school to ask a question. Don\’t waste your visitor\’s time asking for information you don\’t really need. It will create a roadblock to potential leads, especially if they consider the information private. Besides, who uses snail mail anymore? You don\’t need my address. Added frustration – captcha\’s. Just don\’t use them! There\’s easier ways to make forms secure. Is that a “t” or an “i”? Maybe a “4”? This especially goes for the ophthalmologists out there – if I\’m already having vision issues, why test my patience?

6. Give something for free. If you have premium content, such as a white paper, online info kit, special photos, online consult, a self-evaluation test…etc., people will gladly give you a limited amount of personal information to gain access to said content. Use these free tools to build massive email lists of people you know have an interest in your services.

7. Make conversation easier. You want people to know they\’ll be answered if they have a question. So tell them that. Display your phone hours. If you have a policy that all email inquiries are answered within one hour, explain that on all your forms. If you tell people what to expect upfront, they\’re more likely to contact you.

8. Chat \’em up online. Yes the phone call is the holy grail of leads, but for many it\’s asking too much upfront. In this digital age, people want easy means to have their questions answered, and online chat is an often-used tool, especially amongst younger adults. Added bonus – many chat services provide coverage beyond normal business hours, which is the most likely time visitors will engage with you via chat online. OptiCall now offers online chat and \”call-connect\” which allows the customer service rep chatting with the lead online to forward them to a knowledgeable OptiCall agent if they have specific or detailed questions. \”Call-connect\”, making it easy to convert leads to patients!

9. Dress to impress. They say it takes a person 8 seconds from the time they visit a website to determine if they\’ll even do business with that company. What first impression are you giving off? The online world of design changes as fast as a fashion line. What\’s in style one year is passe the next. Web design follows trends, so make your website fashion forward – clean, stimulating, contemporary, and wow them with your first impression.

10. Let your customers share your story. Put testimonials on your site. Your patients will tell your story way better than you ever could. Use the power of word of mouth to your advantage!

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