In every business three things are happening: What the business ownerwants to happen. What the business owner thinks is happening. What isactually happening.

So, how do you ensure that what you want to happen matches up with what is actually happening? You must inspect it.

The key to sustained success in business is inspection. You have a standard you want your practice to maintain, and the only way to ensure your vision and reality match up is through consistent inspection of key aspects of your practice.

Data points help: Cost Per Lead, Sales Conversion %, ROI it is essential to have measurement in place that you can routinely inspect. However, one aspect that\’s often overlooked, but has a huge influence on every element of your practice is how your phone calls are handled.

In today\’s hectic world of multitasking and multiple hats, many doctors and coordinators are overwhelmed by the amount of work and responsibility on their plate. If you feel busy it\’s easy to assume everything is running smoothly.

However, experience has shown time and again that when real calls are recorded and reviewed, the Doctor and Administrator\’s preconception of their skill on the phone doesn\’t match up to their reality. In actuality, phones are often answered by unprepared, uninformed, un-enthused and often uncaring staff.

For example: the average practice today loses 40% of their phone leads, and converts only 40-50% of phone inquiries into consultations. Sound unbelievable? That\’s what many practices said until we started analyzing their real patient recorded calls through our Mystery Shop Program.

The stakes are high when each incoming call represents thousands of dollars in potential revenue. In today\’s buyer-empowered society, your customer service needs to be at an all-time high.

So how does it work? Our experience with placing thousands of mystery shop calls over the years allows us to follow to a proven formula for processing and scoring each call on our proprietary rating scale. With each call, our goal is to assess the level of customer service that staff members provide, their ability to create rapport, and to properly educate the caller while enticing them to visit the practice.

Your goal as a leader in your organization should be to always stand out as exceptional. There are no second chances to make a good first impression.

It\’s your chance to start building a better business, one inspection at a time

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