Here at OptiCall, we drink the customer service Kool-Aid. We study it, preach it, live it. Heck, our entire company model is based around improving customer service at first contact.

How come we\’re such blind advocates? It comes down to one simple reason:anyone can compete on price, but a strong customer service mindset is something very difficult to duplicate.

A practice\’s most vital assets are its patients. Without them, we would not and could not exist in business. When the competition is fighting for customers, you have to hold yours close, and your glue is Great Customer Service.

Last month, we published some universal stats that said the average practice receives about 44% of new patients from word of mouth referrals. So where does your practice stand in relation? If you\’re below 44%, I\’d go out on a fairly sturdy limb and say that\’s 100% due to a customer service breakdown.

If you\’re above 44%, Congratulations, you\’re a pleasure provider. Now take a closer look: are there areas where you could increase the \’WOW\’ factor and boost that number to the level of the exceptional? 60, 70 even 80%?

In a survey we conducted in 2011 with Frank M. Magid Associates, we interviewed 100 past LASIK patients each in the cities of San Francisco and Minneapolis. To our surprise, almost 40% of the patients couldn\’t remember the name of the surgeon or center that performed their procedure! These were happy patients who now have memorable vision, but they clearly didn\’t have a memorable experience. How can they refer someone if they didn\’t remember your name?!

Think about the last time you bought something online – did you check out the reviews before your purchase? Have you ever written a positive product review yourself, and if so, what was the motivation? Chances are it wasn\’t the product or service; it was something above and beyond that completely exceeded your expectations.

Elective medicine is no different. Patients go into treatment fully expecting great results. It\’s the care they receive outside of treatment, especially if there are any issues, that makes you remarkable and memorable.

There are tons of amazing resources on the subject of customer service. Google it and you\’ll find thousands of videos, articles and case studies solidifying its importance. I encourage you to go exploring. But in the interest of time, here are a couple of key reference points that remain our favorites:

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