Check out our educational webinar recording discussing the importance of proper phone call handling, and how it can affect your practice both positively and negatively.

Presented by Bill Mercier – President of Opticall – who will share with you key stats on slippage, the cost your practice pays for leaky phones, and ways to fix. He will also provide customer service and phone training tips, outline the anatomy of a proper phone call, and ultimately showcase how this all adds up to converting more calls to consults.

If you like money, and don\’t want to see your practice waste it, then you owe it to your bottom line to view this presentation!

What we will discuss:

  • Understand phone issues they typical practice faces today
  • The cost of proper (and improper) call handling
  • Training for a “Customer Service Mindset”
  • The anatomy of a proper elective medical sales phone call
  • How to set your practice up for phone success

\”The Phone is the Cash Register to Your Practice!\”. Here is the link to the recording: