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How to Get Beyond the Bottlenecks & Streamline Operations in Your Practice


Your practice is at the tipping point. Your staff is busy (which is a good thing) but they are at maximum capacity just handling the day-to-day operations. There is simply not enough time to manage new patient leads, patients in the office, and necessary follow-up – which are all crucial to a growing and sustainable practice.

Moreover, patients are becoming increasingly concerned with their experience at your practice, demanding more time and personal attention from you and your staff.

It’s the make or break point where you need to alleviate inefficiencies and streamline your business operations, or you’ll lose revenue. Here are 4 ways to manage growth and launch your practice to the next level:


1. Outsource

A reason practices never get beyond a certain size is because they try to manage as much as possible internally with finite time and limited staff. Many agencies and companies specialize in serving elective medical practices and outsourcing can be hugely beneficial. Outsourcing for billing and payroll can save time; hiring a marketing agency can generate significantly more leads for your business; and outsourcing your call handling to trained phone staff, who are available when more prospective patients have time to call or when the staff is tied up, ensures you never miss a lead. Most importantly, outsourcing allows your staff to focus on patients in the office.


2. Develop Processes Around Maximizing Patient Experience

The concept of “maximizing the patient experience” should be a value rooted within your practice team and emulated in your process. Conduct training and shadowing to ensure your staff is well informed about as many aspects of the patient experience as possible. Schedule morning huddles or weekly meeting to update everyone on changes. Ensure all staff members are informed of their priorities and how their roles contribute to the team to deliver the best impression to patients. Finally, debrief patient interactions: What went well? What did you observe that the staff could do better? Establishing patient-centered processes and goals will keep your staff focused on what matters most in your practice.


3. Capture and Track Lead Information

Most marketing initiatives will include data on traffic, clicks, and engagement, but how are you measuring the rest of the patient relationship?

Practices miss a critical point in the sales process when they fail to obtain contact information and track their inbound leads. It may seem like it requires more time and effort to require staff to enter this information, but there are numerous tools and platforms to make this process easy and efficient.

A main benefit in OptiCall\’s First Contact phone answering program is that our trained counselors collect prospect information and indicate the result from every single call. Similarly, OptiCall’s Capture web lead response team utilizes contact information from an online form to follow-up with prospects with multiple touchpoints over time and indicate when the prospect finally books an appointment. Both programs provide detailed reports each month giving practices a holistic view of performance each month.

Be sure to capture a few key pieces of information: a lead\’s name, phone number or email, and how they heard about your practice. Then keep track all inbound and outbound interactions, as well as the outcome. Over time the data you collect and track will turn into valuable insights.


4. Streamline Follow-Up

Repeat clients are a huge component to growing a profitable practice. Practices today are failing to follow-up with thousands of patients who are due or overdue for appointments – simply because they don\’t have the time, process, or technology in place.

OptiCall offers a Boomerang Patient Recovery program that automatically identifies inactive patients. Our highly-qualified team of phone counselors personally calls these patients to schedule their next appointment in your system – opening up an untapped revenue cycle to grow your practice.


In summary, having a busy practice can be a great problem to have, as long as it’s managed with tools, services and systems that reduce inefficiencies, save time, and streamline your business. OptiCall\’s proprietary systems have helped hundreds of practices nationwide grow their business by increasing revenue and reducing costs. See how we can take your practice to the next level by scheduling a free practice assessment.