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Finding the positive in a year we\’re all ready to leave behind

Who would have thought 2020 would have turned out the way it did; that we would have encountered such obstacles we continue to face with an uncertainty of what\’s to come. But despite it all, there were many positive outcomes and we\’d like to take some time to focus on those. Here are several good things that came from a tough year:


1. Many clients saw an increase in calls

We\’ve stayed closely connected with all our clients to understand how their business has been impacted in 2020. Although elective medical practices were shut down, many of our clients had actually seen an increase in call volume and web leads.

We believe there could be several reasons for the uptick. First, we tell clients they\’re not just competing with the practice down the street, but they\’re also competing with all the other areas where prospects are considering spending money, like hobbies, entertainment, and travel. But, with all of those being highly limited, consumers are increasingly looking to elective surgery.

Add in the focus on virtual consultations, and now it\’s never been easier to set up an initial appointment. And finally, they certainly have more time on their hands for not only the appointment, but the surgery and any recovery.


2. Customer service stepped up

We could not be more proud of our staff who quickly transitioned into our remote workforce. Our team quickly grasped the challenges practices were facing and adjusted how they managed calls and lead responses to accommodate.

We rolled out custom scripting outlining how each specific practice was managing COVID-19. This included addressing any new questions or concerns prospects may have and helping them prepare before coming into the office.

We also maintained our extended hours of coverage, without skipping a beat – continuing to be available on evenings and weekends to book consultations.


3. We learned the power of using all digital channels

There\’s been a growing preference of texting as the preferred method of communication among consumers. And now, data shows, nine out of ten consumers would like to communicate with businesses through text message.

That\’s why at the beginning of this year, we rolled out texting as part of our Capture web response program. All before we knew what the year would bring. Adding this capability has offered practices another way to connect with patients at a critical time in a safe, HIPAA-compliant platform offering convenience many prefer.


4. We\’re resilient

Our clients continue to show how they can still deliver a great customer experience. That\’s meant taking everything they\’re used to and flipping it upside down. Whether it\’s offering virtual consultations, re-configuring their offices, or inventing new processes and procedures, they\’re continued focus on the customer is a key factor in carrying them through the challenges.


5. We\’re ready to come back stronger next year

There\’s no way anyone could have predicted the year we\’ve all had. And who knows what 2021 will bring. What we can do is evaluate the lessons learned, assess where we are now, and plan for what may come our way. That\’s why we continue to offer free practice assessments, so you can get a pulse on where your practice stands right now, which gives you the best understanding of where to go from here.

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