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New data shows elective medical lead volume is up 18%.
Could a surge in elective medical be on the horizon?


New OptiCall data shows inbound web lead and call volume is up 18% in Q1 of 2021. Could the boost be a sign of more demand to come? Here are 3 reasons to hope:

1. More People are Getting Vaccinated

An increasing number of Americans are now able to receive the vaccine. Not only that, the number of people who are now full vaccinated is quickly approaching 75 million (Source: CDC).  Moreover, the process of getting appointments is expected to get easier. As more people get the vaccine, even the most cautious consumers increasingly feel more safe and comfortable returning to normal.


2.  Stimulus Checks & A Change in How Money is Spent

Three rounds of stimulus checks have been sent, with amounts ranging between $1,400-2,800 depending on number of people filing a household. Many people qualified for the first stimulus checks in 2020 and more may qualify based on 2020 income taxes. While these payments decline for individuals making $80,000 and couples making over $160,000, we could see a spike in people previously unable to afford procedures who are now more inclined to move forward.

That being said, data also shows consumers are in a \”recessionary mindset\” – meaning, they\’re demanding more value for their money. They are not only concerned with price, but the tangible benefits and how their money solves their problem. This mindset doesn\’t mean consumers will hold back from purchases, but it\’s likely to increase the demand for convenient purchase options like buy now, pay later, and affordable plans that won\’t sacrifice quality.


3. People are Anxious to Get Back to Normal

If people are getting ready to socialize and travel, they likely want to look and feel their best. For many, 2021 is the beginning of a new beginning, and it\’s understandable there is a heightened sense of spring fever where many consumers want to \”break free\” – ditch the pesky glasses, shed some COVID weight, or get rid of the wrinkles 2020 created. For these reasons and more, we expect elective medical procedures that have been on hold will become a top priority.


The question is, are practices prepared?

According to a recent McKinsey survey, many people are ready to return back to in-person care at a physician’s office, and there is a slight shift away from telemedicine. Regardless of whether the patient experience will be in person or virtual, consumers will want it to be seamless and streamlined according to their preferences. Further trend data shows consumers now expect integrated physical and virtual experiences that are \”inseparable\” .

This may make practices need to continually juggle all the ways they interact with prospects and patients with omni-channel communication and a personalized approach.

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