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Practices are facing a new reality in today\’s work environment.

A new report from Gallup underscores the rapidly emerging trend known as \”The Great Resignation\”, where 48% of America\’s working population is actively job searching or watching for opportunities. Businesses are facing a staggeringly high quit rate along with a record-high number of unfilled positions. “Quits,” as the Bureau of Labor Statistics calls them, are rising in almost every industry.

The pandemic has not only changed the way we work, but how we view work. Money is of course important, but the Gallup survey showed many high-paying jobs have some of the most disengaged workers. The reality is employees are reflecting on what a quality job feels like, and almost half are willing to quit to find one. Gallup points out the root of the Great Resignation is really about the \”Great Discontent\” where workers are longing for a clear purpose, to be inspired, and to know how their work delivers value.


The Impact of the Great Resignation on Medical Practices

The state of the work environment comes at a time when practices are trying to build back up. They\’re trying to recoup from lost business while managing surges in volume. Now more than ever, they need employees to lean in. Instead, some practices may be struggling with staff who is disengaged and underperforming.

This also puts pressure on other employees who are engaged but are picking up the slack. They may not be trained in all the areas they are needed. As such, they may become overwhelmed, over-worked, and feeling they aren\’t compensated enough when they take on more responsibilities, which can further perpetuate discontent in the workplace.

It ultimately means practices get the short end of the stick. The constant turnover due to mass amounts of employees who are quitting plus an inability to fill open roles fast enough is leaving practices scrambling. Staff who are still employed may be discontent or disengaged and putting forth mediocre effort in their current role, with no motivation to grow or learn new skills. So if these are the people on the front lines, interacting with patients, imagine the ripple effect on the patient experience?


Practices Need Reliable Support

The uncertainty of employees quitting or staying for the wrong reasons puts practices in a vulnerable position. Outsourcing extra staff can be a way to stabilize the impact of the Great Resignation. Our experts are trained to consistently provide an exceptional patient experience using our proprietary methodologies that are proven to boost booked appointments by 15-25% above industry standards. To see what our programs can do for you, request a free practice assessment.

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