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“The Devil’s in the Details” of Managing a Medical Practice

  It’s a phrase you’re probably familiar with, but it always seems to come with a bit of mystery. It refers to something seemingly simple, and […]

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Your Patients Aren’t That Patient (And It’s Costing You)

How long would you wait on hold? For many people, any amount of time is too long. In fact, a survey indicated about one third of […]

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OptiCall Celebrates 20 Years

  A Q & A with OptiCall CEO Bill Mercier on Leadership, Culture, and Lessons Learned in Running A Business HOW DID YOU GET THE IDEA […]

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It’s Vacation Season. We’ve Got You Covered.

  You and your employees may be taking some well-deserved time off. But how is that impacting managing patients? Summer should be all about relaxing, taking […]

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