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OptiCall Celebrates 20 Years

  A Q & A with OptiCall CEO Bill Mercier on Leadership, Culture, and Lessons Learned in Running A Business HOW DID YOU GET THE IDEA […]

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It’s Vacation Season. We’ve Got You Covered.

  You and your employees may be taking some well-deserved time off. But how is that impacting managing patients? Summer should be all about relaxing, taking […]

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3 Phone Blunders Your Practice is Making Right Now

When OptiCall conducts phone assessments for prospective clients who want to understand how their practice is performing, we get to hear exactly how office staff across […]

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4 Ways to Rebuild Culture in an Era of Complacency

  A lack of engagement continues to be a problem in the workplace and unfortunately medical practices aren’t immune. But while many are feeling a sense […]

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