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5 Trends That Defined 2021

2020 ushered in a whole new world that only continued to evolve into the new normal in 2021. Medical practices have had to continually adjust to […]

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The Great Resignation & Mediocre Work

Practices are facing a new reality in today’s work environment. A new report from Gallup underscores the rapidly emerging trend known as “The Great Resignation”, where […]

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4 Ways to Manage Medical Practice Overwhelm

  We’ve certainly seen the recent surge in patient volume within our medical contact center, and know the trend is hitting medical practices across the U.S. […]

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Communication Is Changing (Again): How QR Codes are a Sign of the Times

  When it comes to managing a practice, we’ve talked A LOT about how important it is to communicate with prospects Consistently Frequently And with urgency […]

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