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Getting Unstuck: 3 Ways to Move Prospects Through the Pipeline

  Medical practices today are challenged by a competitive industry and increasing pressure to meet growing consumer expectations. Attracting new patients and quickly getting them through […]

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2019 Medical Marketing Outlook Request

Request Your Digital Copy OptiCall’s annual contains data from over 1 million phone calls to date. We analyze multiple marketing channels, from traditional to digital to […]

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3 Ways to Grow Your Medical Practice Over the Holidays

Don’t settle for the Jelly of the Month Club. We’re giving the gift of more patients. All Clark Griswold wanted was a fun, old-fashioned family Christmas […]

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5 Drivers of Effective Patient Digital Lead Management

“To optimize your marketing ROI, you need to ensure your lead response time is done quickly – preferably within 15 minutes. The challenge is, most clinics […]

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